See highlights from the EOS Hackathon Hong Kong event in our recap video and keep an eye out for the next #EOSHackathon in Sydney!

The EOS Global Hackathon series is a first-of-its-kind event in the world of blockchain, and serves’s goal of supporting of a decentralized global community from the ground up. The first event of the series took place in Hong Kong on June 9-10. It involved 90 teams and more than 350 entrants from 17 countries competing to build scalable blockchain DAPPs.

The #EOSHackathon Hong Kong Challenge:

Decentralized Applications for Scale – The EOSIO platform ushers in an era of scalable decentralized applications built to impact technology across the globe. The challenge: identify a centralized business model and create a decentralized alternative that is built for large-scale mainstream adoption.

Winning Team Prizes

First Place: US$100,000 – IDPASS (France / United States / Belarus)

Second Place: US$25,000 – Blockflare (Singapore / Hong Kong)

Third Place: US$10,000 – Ducatur (Russia / Europe)

Superlative Prizes

Best Social Impact: US$3,000 – Smart Cities Steroids

Best User Experience: US$3,000 – Warranteas

Best Social Media Post: US$3,000 – Shabaz Ahmed

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