Who can attend?

The EOS Global Hackathon series is open to anyone 18 years or older who is interested in working on creating fun, cutting edge dApps on the EOSIO blockchain.

Is this event for developers only?

While developers are necessary for each team, anyone is welcome. UX/UI designers, marketers, or even if you’re just interested in trying a hackathon for the first time, anyone can participate and be a part of a team.

How many people can be on each team?

Teams can have a maximum of 5 people.

How do you join a team?

You can arrive solo and meet up with others to form a team at the event, or you can build your group beforehand and come to the event as a team.

What else do we need to bring?

A laptop is a must and any other devices or equipment required to work on your project. Be sure to bring any dev tools that you use on your laptop or USB drive.

Is there WiFi?

Of course.

How do we access EOSIO?

We’ll help you access everything you need to utilize the EOSIO platform at the event.

Are there any fees?

In order to ensure that registrations are valid, we ask that all entrants pay a minor $10 registration fee. Don’t worry, your registration fee covers your first piece of swag at the event. If you need to cancel prior to the event, please contact us and we will process a refund.

What about food and drinks?

We will provide food and drinks throughout the event.

Where do we apply for Hack. Pitch. Launch.?

EOS VC has announced a new initiative dedicated to helping projects that developed at the EOS Global Hackathons to getting off the ground: Hack. Pitch. Launch. In addition to the prize pool already up for grabs at the event, team-built DAPPs from each hackathon will receive $50,000 seed investments to launch their project. You can find the application form here. In addition to basic information about your team you will be asked to upload a pitch deck to briefly summarize your project and its future goals.

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