August 4th - August 5th



The Challenge

Hack the Outback - Australia is one of the largest countries in the world, it's ocean territory is the third largest, and more than 91% of its landmass is covered by native vegetation. Blockchain technology enables the creation of scalable applications that can trace and measure transactions and reward individuals for environmental preservation activities. The Challenge: Create a DAPP on the EOSIO platform that will empower the public to play a role in sustaining natural environments for the future.

The Hackathon

The EOS Global Hackathon series is a first-of-its-kind event in the world of blockchain that serves’s goal of building a more secure and connected world. August 4th-5th in Sydney, more than 50 teams and 200 entrants from around the world competed to
"Hack the Outback" building DAPPs on the EOSIO Platform that addressed environmental issues. Take a look at the recap video to see highlights from the weekend and winners taking home more than US$144,000 in prizes awarded by EOS VC.

Sydney #EOSHackathon Recap Video


Robert Jesudason

Rob Jesudason

Group President,
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Andrew Bliss

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Lina Lim

Head of Technology, NSX Limited & Managing Director, Tempus Adventus
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Jonny Hendriksen

Founder & CEO, ShuttleRock
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Dr. Jane Thomason

CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact
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Joe Cincotta

Managing Director, Thinking Studio
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Reece Proudfoot

Innovation Strategist, WWF-Australia

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Meet The Winners

First Place: SmartPress

Team Leader: Lachlan Greenbank
Location: Australia
Project: Smart Press - A DAPP that enables environmentally-motivated individuals to build smart contracts for land preservation - all without writing a single line of code.


Second Place: GreenKeep

Team Leader: Oleksandr Rybalko
Location: Australia
Project: GreenKeep - A DAPP that allows farmers, suppliers and consumers to record, decentralize, and verify the provenance of food produce.


Third Place: TokenTree

Team Leader: Nathan Challen
Location: Australia
Project: TokenTree -A DAPP that empowers individuals to plant and grow trees in exchange for tokens.


Best Social Impact: Jarmbi

Team Leader: Kyle Mantesso
Project: Jarmbi - A blockchain game allowing the public to discover, snap and collect Australian wildlife and landmarks while also playing a part in sustaining Australia’s future environments.


Best User Experience: GreenFix

Team Leader: Bishal Bhansali
Project: GreenFix - a DAPP that incentivizes the packaging industry to adopt more sustainable industrial activities and discourage non-sustainable activities through a token based incentive model.


Best Social Post: Alfred Cheuk

Team: WeFarm
Social Post: @AlfredCheuk - The hardest choices require the strongest wills. Hacking through the night to save the environment in #Sydney! #EOSHackathon