Hong Kong

June 9th - June 10th



The Challenge

Decentralized Applications for Scale - The EOSIO platform ushers in an era of scalable decentralized applications built to impact technology across the globe. The Challenge: identify a centralized business model and create a decentralized alternative that is built for large-scale mainstream adoption.

The Hackathon

The EOS Global Hackathon series is a first-of-its-kind event in the world of blockchain that serves Block.one’s goal of building a more secure and connected world. June 9th-10th in Hong Kong, 90 teams and more than 350 entrants from 17 countries competed to build scalable blockchain DAPPs on the EOSIO Platform. Take a look at the recap video to see the top teams pitch for their chance at more than US$144,000 in prizes awarded by EOS VC.



Andrew Bliss

CFO, Block.one
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Michael Cao

Founder, EOS Global

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Winnie Liu

Founder, EOS Global

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Larry Sanger

CIO, Everipedia & Wikipedia Co-Founder
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Dr. Jane Thomason

CEO, Blockchain Quantum Impact
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Sam Kazemian

Co-founder & President, Everipedia
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Theodor Forselius

Co-founder & CEO,
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Eric Kuhn

Head of Communications - Home and Entertainment, T-Mobile
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Meet The Winners

First Place: IDPass

Team Leader: Greg Martel
Location: France / United States / Belarus
Project: IDPass - Self-sovereign identity for global citizens with no formal documentation
The Pitch: IDPass Final Pitch in Hong Kong

IDPass - 1st

Second Place: Blockflare

Team Leader: Kenta Iwasaki
Location: Singapore / Hong Kong
Project: Blockflare - Decentralized Anti-DDoS Protection
The Pitch: Blockflare Final Pitch in Hong Kong

Blockflare - 2nd

Third Place: Ducatur

Team Leader: George Bell
Location: Russia / Europe
Project: Ducatur - A crosschain trustless Decentralized Exchange with the speed of Centralized Exchanges
The Pitch: Ducatur Final Pitch in Hong Kong

Ducatur - 3rd

Best Social Impact: Smart City Steroids

Team Leader: Yan Sheng Choo
Project: Smart City Steroids - transparency and accountability in public tender systems in "smart cities" in India

Smart City Steroids - Social Impact

Best User Experience: WarrantEase

Team Leader: Sage Foh
Project: WarrantEase - Easy, secure product warranty registration and claims

Warrantease - UX

Best Social Post: Shabaz Ahmed

Team: Loan Block
Social Post: @_build3r - EOSIO logo from Straws and Apples #EOSHackathon