Community Voting

Community Voting For Eos Global Hackathon - Hong Kong Has Ended

How to Enter

Create a pitch video no more than 3 minutes long introducing yourself and your project and upload it to YouTube or YouKu with the hashtag #EOSHackathon before May 16th 11:59PM HKT.

To complete your submission, fill out the Application Form below so we know who you and all of your team members are.

Each day, will review videos on the hashtag and legitimate project ideas that pass all of the criteria below will be shown here on the EOSHackathon Website for the community to see throughout the voting period.

How to Win

The top 10 videos with the most likes on YouTube or YouKu by May 16th 11:59PM HKT will be sent to the final round, where five winners will be selected by the team of judges.

Share your video with your friends and fellow supporters of the EOSIO community to stand a better chance of getting in the top 10!

To be eligible, you must fill out the application form as well as uploading your video.

Winners will be announced by May 21st HKT

The Prize

A travel stipend of $2,000USD per winning team member, up to a total of $10,000USD, will be provided to the top five teams to cover expenses incurred in traveling to Hackathon 1 in Hong Kong.

Pitch Video Guidelines


Keep your video under three minutes!

Videos over three minutes will not be accepted.

Your video is just a pitch of your concept.

You don’t need to provide an extensive explanation or provide in-depth research.

Provide a high-level overview of the project.

Be sure to include what market you’re solving a problem for and why you’re the best team to do it.

Include as many team members in the video as possible.

This helps us get to know everyone! It’s not mandatory that you all are in the same place.

Rehearse the video before you shoot the final version.

You only get one pitch video, so give it your best shot.

Play the video back to yourself and check for good audio quality.
Fill out the Application Form with your Team Info.
Submit the Video in English, or with English subtitles.

Note: At the hackathon we will only be able to support English applications.


Don’t mark your video private or disallow embedding.

We won’t be able to see it! Once approved, your video will be added to the EOS Hackathon Website too. Don’t submit multiple pitches. Each person is only allowed one entry and can only be on one team.

Don’t script your video and memorize every word you want to say.

The community wants to get to know you and your idea and if it’s a great idea your pitch should come naturally.

Don’t add music or fancy graphics.

We just want to hear from you and your team about who you are and why you have the best dApp idea for the EOSIO platform.

Don’t include design screenshots or code you have written as part of the video.

Again, we only want to hear from the founders talking about the idea.

Most importantly, DO NOT start working on your project until the Hackathon – in the spirit of competition, we expect a level playing field for everyone participating!
Videos that do not meet these criteria will not be eligible for the competition.

Voting Has Ended

The votes have been counted! You still have time to register for the in person event. Check out the winning teams traveling to Hong Kong for the #EOSHackathon below: